Experience a transformative deejayed freeform movement journey.

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What Are Conscious Dance Parties?

If you’re seeking a mindfulness practice through the exploration of movement please join one of our Conscious Dance Evenings.

Blended into the evening experience a transformative deejayed freeform dance journey lead by Liz Diaz. Across time and cultures, dance has long been created as an opportunity to come together; for celebration, to heal and commune with all that is sacred. It will be a evening of ceremony, music, dance and community. All elements of our event are specially curated from beginning to end with the intention of creating an experience that elevates your whole being! Join us in a safe and deeply sacred conscious container for movement, expression, connection and celebration! Free your spirit, move your soul and dance your heart out!

Testimonial 1

“I recently attended my first “Conscious Dance” and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a meditator and yoga practitioner and a person who loves conscious company, it was so nice to be in a space filled with like-minded people for an evening of good vibes dancing and relating. Liz did a fantastic job of hosting the evening and holding the space, from the opening to the closing ceremony and the beautiful world music grooves she personally DJ’d in between. Having experience her “Conscious Dance” firsthand, I now look forward to having her host such a gathering in my yoga studio.”

— David Tiviluk Owner/Director Midtown Yoga Kitchener Waterloo

Testimonial 2

“Conscious dance inspires me to connect body, movement, creativity and expression with consciousness… Liz brings amazing music, warm presence, and a deep commitment to co-create community with dancers. I’m always on the look out to see where she’ll take us next…”

— Dino Paoletti –Conscious Dancer

Testimonial 3

“I have attended several Conscious Dance evenings and have found them to be quite powerful. Here is a room full of people of all ages who have come together to drop off the cares of the outside world. I find that it is the perfect opportunity to let go of my mind and get back into my body, to experience life on a deeper level. I really appreciate having the opportunity to communicate with others, most of whom I don’t even know, without saying a word. Liz always deejays the evening in a way that I find I can truly lose myself to dance.”

— David Keshen – Conscious Dancer

Testimonial 4

“Praise goes to Liz Diaz for establishing “Conscious Dance Parties”! I must admit that upon attending my first conscious dance party, the thought of dancing spontaneously, free from structure, to the simple rhythm of the music, in front of a room full of strangers was terrifying; this kind of freedom felt like an unknown place to which I had never ventured. I was warmly embraced by beautiful Liz Diaz, however, who set a tone of acceptance, love and infectious excitement!”

— Clare Esler – Environmental Project Manager & Conscious Dancer

Upcoming Conscious Dance Parties

Calendar for 2017/2018

  • 16Sept
  • 14Oct
  • 11Nov
  • 10Dec
  • 6Jan
  • 3Feb
  • 3Mar
  • 14Apr

Yoga Village 240 Roncesvalles 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

About The Founder

Liz Diaz – Creator & Founder of Conscious Dance Parties Toronto

Liz has been leading community rituals and conscious dance events since 2012. She has a deep passion for creating transformative, transcendental dance experiences. Her music selection can be described as conscious global grooves. When she is not dancing you can find her leading workshops on embodied spirituality and running her life coaching and holistic healing practice AwakenYourBliss out of The Rocks Store in Toronto. She is also a resident dj at Ecstatic Dance Toronto.

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Special Events

ECSTATIC DANCE TORONTO –  805 Dovercourt Road

Liz will be DJ’ing on Thursday Nov 16th, Monday Dec 4th & Monday Dec 25th, Monday Feb 19th & Monday March 5th, Monday March 26th, Thursday April 19th, Monday April 31st doors open @ 7:30


Friday April 13th 8:30-10:30 Metro Toronto Convention Centre  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/yoga-rave-tropical-heat-tickets-43262947641


Full details here consciousdance.ca/conscious-dance-peru-june-2018/


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