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There can be some confusion about the difference between “ecstatic dance” and “conscious dance”.
Our conscious dance events are lightly guided by a facilitator/s who sets an intention for the movement. Ecstatic dance events are not-facilitated. Conscious Dance, and Ecstatic Dance are similar in that they have similar guidelines such as; move as you wish, respect yourself and others in the space, not talk on the dance floor. Both events are danced in bare feet, non-smoking, and scent, drug and alcohol-free. They are also similar in that there is a dj component that follows an arch of music. What makes our Conscious dance events unique is that they also include components of live music and yoga.

Conscious dance is also known as “intentional dance”. This is because the dancers enters the dance floor with a sense of intention. Their specific intentions may include working out personal issues, entering a state of meditation, or expressing themselves authentically and creatively. A conscious dancer is frequently in pursuit of a deeper awareness of one’s self, and others on the dance floor.

Conscious dance is

  • a significant proportion of “free form” dance elements
  • life affirming and inclusive atmosphere and intention
  • absence of alcohol and drugs
  • most likely barefoot, though not necessarily

Our Dances


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