Dance Our Way Home

A Women’s Award-Winning Ecstatic Dance Practice, Toronto. Movement medicine for the female soul!

In 2012 I had the honor and joy to train with my dear friend and mentor Erica Ross co-creatrix of dance our way home. I love facilitating DOWH sessions. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Dance Our Way Home™ (DOWH) by Erica Ross is a holistic dance practice offering you:

-a safe & non-judgmental space to be yourself, just as you are.
-themes/invitations to inspire your courageous, compassionate and creative self.
-guided visualizations to ground and relax you open to a more embodied awareness.
-a perfect balance of facilitated and non-facilitated dance.
-personal dances to invoke curiosity in self, to fall in love with your own knowing and impulses.
-partner and group dances to connect, play, and feel part of a precious circle of women.
-a wide range of music to carry you through various states of being, from tender to wild.
-tools and woman-centered teachings to support the realization of your magnificence.
-unconditional love and support from like-minded women as you travel your own life path.
-a community-based practice for women in need.

More about DOWH

Throughout its journey, the following 10 Principles continue to hold its core:
Body is our teacher: We live in and through our bodies. It is here where we contain and reveal our entire life experience. This is where we must listen, learn and heal.
Dance heals and ‘wholes’ us: Our body’s primary language is movement. Through the dance we find all parts of ourselves so we can be whole.
Loving kindness creates safe space: Through loving kindness we soften our body, heart and mind to find a meeting place of non-judgment, acceptance and peace. There we can feel safe to just be.
Self expression and self worth are birth rights: We are all precious and unique. It is our right to find and love who we are, and express our personal truth authentically.
Acceptance of self is the way to joy and freedom: When we accept all that we were, are and will be, in a place of no judgment, no right or wrong, good or bad, this is liberation and joy.
Embracing the Divine Feminine Within creates balance and deeper knowing: It is time for us to remember and reclaim our original power and instincts as women. We have our own unique way. We just need to listen and respond with dignity and love.
Radiance is our original state of being: We all were born with a spark of spirit, of life. This spark is called radiance, light, love, beauty. It is our task to shine!
Letting go and relaxing are keys to magic-making: When we are in a state of peace and relaxation, a shift of consciousness happens called magic!
We are all sacred and interconnected with the great whole: We are part of this great community called humanity, life, universe. We all contain the seed of divine energy that unites us all.
Possibilities are limitless, miracles do happen: Anything is possible under the sun. Why not open ourselves to endless possibilities?

Stay tuned for upcoming DOWH session