Why Conscious Dance

Dance is the hidden language of the soul – Martha Graham

Our events provide safe non-judgmental community for you to dance your dance. We provide a non-secular all inclusive spiritual container, where dance is a way of developing a direct body-spirit connection through dance. Let your body, heart and soul lead your dance. Conscious dance is about being present with Energy/Spirit/The Divine, whatever you identify that creative all powerful source to be in your life. It is also about discovering your own dance within. No dance experience or partner necessary. It is free-form, non structured dance.

Conscious dances have invitations and may provide embodied guided meditations or gentle yoga practices at the beginning of some events as a gentle guide for you to set aside you day and invoke an intention to consider as we dance.

“Praise goes to Liz Diaz for establishing “Conscious Dance”! I must admit that upon attending my first conscious dance class, the thought of dancing spontaneously, free from structure, to the simple rhythm of the music, in front of a room full of strangers was terrifying; this kind of freedom felt like an unknown place to which I had never ventured. I was warmly embraced by beautiful Liz Diaz, however, who set a tone of acceptance, love and infectious excitement!

Whether it’s a arise and shine class of a dozen people or a sweaty, inhibition-free, candle lit dance experience of almost one hundred people, conscious dance has become an event I look forward to. I never thought such an open-minded and loving dance event was possible! With only two conscious dance events under my belt, here are some of the feelings I’ve experienced: a profound sense of joy, beauty and self-acceptance of my body and soul, a newfound connection to my senses and intuition, profound fulfillment, and gratitude for my body, mind and spirit. I can now say that my newfound freedom to move my body free from inhibition has never felt so good”.

Clare Esler- Environmental Project Manager & Conscious Dancer